I made chicken tacos the other day from scratch, which is in and of itself a big deal, but I had some leftovers today and I was like “Yeah, I can probably make a little taco out of this after I get off work, make myself a snack in between shifts,” but I actually had enough chicken for THREE TACOS and I ate all of them and I’m so full and really happy because I think this is a sign that I’m going to have a good weekend. 


Tender Bits
Beneath the strange light of lamp posts in the still summer evening. 

More practice with color and gouache. This one has been sitting on my desk for months, so I sort of finished it in a rush while I had the motivation and time. Because of this, there are a lot of things that need to be improved upon (perspective, paint application, color choice, etc.) but I’m still happy to finally get it finished.
I really like how the girl turned out.

Whoa!Hey!Is that…?Could it be…?Painted things?


Paradise (Detail). Housepaint, Lacquer, Spraypaint, and Oil on Concrete, 43’ x 17’, 2014.
Detail of mural for @powwowtaiwan at the Taipei Zoo. Taiwanese macaques tumble in a paradise/prison of man’s making. Photo: @bshigeta

"Immune" 2013, colored pencils on paper, cm 28x20 

Fungi. Phillipsia subpurpurea By Steve Axford

Artist & Illustrator:
Naomi Butterfield
"Pray For Me (1)"

WIP embroidery. I need to stop being so obsessed with giant red babies and plants…

Oldrich Kulhanek

Shaun Tan (Chinese Australian) - Never Leave A Red Sock On The Clothesline from Shaun Tan’s 2013 book Rules of Summer, 2012 Paintings: Oil on Canvas


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